8 days post IUI…so many questions…

I’m on my 8th day post IUI and my mind is full of questions.

When not at work, I’m obsessed with net surfing, researching about any symptoms related to post IUI. Crazy huh? I only had 6 hours of sleep last night and the first thing I did this morning was to open my PC and log in.

I’ve been feeling my breasts and nipples to find they are not sore. 😦 Why are there no symptoms? Does this mean I’m not pregnant again?! What’s even crazier is having 2-3 acne breakouts which are signs of AF coming.

I’m beginning to worry now…



  1. Alex said

    What can I help you?

  2. honeywine said

    I think I’d trade with you. It’s far worse to have all the symptoms of pregnancy and not be pregnant.

  3. maricel said

    I know…By the way, I’ve read some of your past blogs on TTC. Just hang in there. I’m also doing the same.

  4. amanda said

    hi there,
    i hd my 1st iui on the 15 agu(dis month) m on my 8th dy too…n just like u m goin crazy tryin to find sum helpfull info .. i am so eager to tke the test ….i do have sum af symtoms like sour breasts..n a brownesh discharge ..m so confused as to wat to mage out of it…r they early signs of pregnancy or is it just another af…wel hihg hopes is wat i am holdin on to for now..n lods of baby dust to all awatin the litel 1….

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