Another Failed IUI

Yes, our 2nd try for IUI failed again. AF showed this morning. I was stunned…speechless…no tears…

But when I told my dear partner about it, the tears started to pour out. It’s like I lost another child. What happened? I had 4 matured follicles before the trigger shot. I took a rest after the procedure. I drank pineapple juice, chilled at home, slept every now and then. Where did I go wrong?

I felt like I’m useless. My dear partner said “I love you. We’ll try again. Maybe it’s not yet time.” I said “I’m sorry.” But then he told me I should not say sorry because it’s not my fault. But I felt like it was my fault.

We went to our doctor this afternoon. He advised us to try again, don’t lose hope, IUIs can be done up to 6 tries, but then again, we have to think about the possibility of IVF also. Where in the world can we get 300-400K pesos (or roughly 9K dollars) for the IVF? The IUI alone is costly for us, how much more is the IVF? It’s like we have no other choice but to accept our fate…

But no, I refuse to give up. Before we reach the maximum tries for IUI, I must get pregnant. So help me God.


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  1. keystoclaritycoach said

    I am so sorry to hear that your IUI didn’t succeed… I understand your situation, as I have had similar outcomes with 3 failed IUI’s and 1 that we had to cancel just before retrieval. Our hopes are so high, and then dashed on the rocks when the outcome is not what we have expected or hoped for. I encourage you to check out my blog, which is purely for support for people in your situation, and so we can share our journeys together. I will be attempting my 4th IVF later this year, and am recording my journey on my blog. I am a life coach, dedicated to coaching women/couples on this rollercoaster, and I am sure you will find some of the information interesting on my site. Looking forward to seeing you there!
    love, peace and success to you,
    Coach Louise

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