On BD and Orgasm

As I was browsing fertility blogs, I came across this image. “I Love Female Orgasm.” Cool. I love it too. πŸ˜‰ But most of the time, when BDing (aka baby dancing for others who are not into TTC), I don’t reach the big O. I’m more focused into ensuring that dear partner gives me his precious little spermies while 2 pillows are placed behind my buttocks. Do you experience the same thing?



  1. keystoclaritycoach said

    Yes, concentrating on conception rather than the whole enjoyment thing can certainly distract you from the ultimate – orgasm! So I would be the same as you, focusing on getting my butt elevated and sending positive thoughts to those little sperm fellas to do their job!

    Coach Louise Crooks

  2. honeywine said

    Actually, ummm…I make sure to O. I’ve read that it actually helps the cervix suck up more spermies. And, why take a chance? lol πŸ˜€

  3. MVP said

    I make sure he pleasures me after he’s done. First, we both warm each other up, then he does his thing, which is enjoyable for me too, of course, but generally doesn’t bring me to the big O. Afterwards, he plays with me and we’re all good. I’ve read several times that the woman shouldn’t climax before the man because the cervix then closes up. If she does after the man, the vibrations can help. I’m no dr., but that’s what I’ve read. It worked for us once, but unfortunately ended in miscarriage.

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