Conception & Marriage

What the f**k is the relationship between conception and marriage? I ask this because of the comment below:

Vidkun Quisling |

It’s probably because you are NOT married!

From I Want to be a Mom, 2008/09/06 at 7:28 PM

Damn! This is one comment from an unknown blogger which I got just now. So s/he really thought the reason I couldn’t conceive was because I’m not married? How insensitive and shallow of this creature.

Just so you know, marriage isn’t far from my mind. I’m already 36, for God’s sake! In fact, dear partner and I would’ve been married last August 8 if it weren’t for my older brother’s request. He wanted to get married this year, the reason why he and the rest of my family are coming home from LA and Montreal this month.  You see, we have this superstitious belief about a wedding curse. Two siblings should not get married within the same year or else, both will suffer horrible things. I don’t know how it started but it has been the belief of the oldies. Thinking that I have nothing to lose by conforming, I yield in. But not without some resistance mind you. It got to the point that my brother and I had a heated exchange over the phone because I refused not to get married this year.

If marriage is really the answer to my getting pregnant, then why are there married couples who have a hard time conceiving? No offense to my fellow TTCers. But you get my point? Oh! I’m just so pissed off. F**k this creature!



  1. honeywine said

    Fuck him! I’m MARRIED! Has it helped me or countless others one fucking bit? BASTARD! The wedding ring isn’t an “on” switch!

  2. Den said

    Wow … WTF?!?! I’d love to get my hands on that idiot and choke some sense into their pea-brain! Not for nothing, but narrow minded people like that need to find the edge of the world and take a dive!

    Also … thanks for the kind words … we’re doing ok with things … trying to figure out when and how to begin the TTC journey again … we really thought this was going to be it! Grrrr!

  3. K said

    Hey Maricel, thanks for the well wishes! I got a negative tho 😦 maybe it’s still too early? *shrug

    I’m sorry you recieved that nasty comment. There are still ignorant people in this world who don’t have anything nice to say.

    Happy Friday! 🙂

  4. hatchling said

    That’s terrible! What a stupid comment.. I am so sorry you had to deal with that…

  5. yup, another sara said

    Wow– what an asshole! So by this logic, no married people should ever be infertile. And I guess most of the country’s lesbians are SOL too, since they CAN’T get married. Fucker.

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