5 Things for 30 Days (Thanks Martha!)

Thank you Martha for this great idea to post in my blog 🙂 Martha is one of the few TTC women who patiently reads my blogs and sends e-mail to answer my comments on her own blog.

Here’s my own list of 5 Things for 30 Days:

1. A serious talk with DP regarding our TTC plans and our lives in general;
2. In case TTC is still in our plans, get on with it the natural way i.e. start taking BBT seriously; OPK and all other fertility gadgets are under our bed, waiting to be used;
3. Watch movie and documentary DVDs;
4. Bring Scotch (our dog) to his vet for some grooming and to buy his Pet Tabs;
5. Get a good massage.

Oh, I hope I can do all these things for a month.



  1. keystoclaritycoach said

    Hi Maricel,

    Good for you! identifying all the important things you want to focus on. Make that commitment to yourself, by saying I ‘will’ not I ‘hope’ do all these things for a month. You deserve it!

    Coach Louise 😉

  2. mkwewer said

    Yeah you! It’s a movement, I love it! You can do it!

  3. honeywine said

    Yep, the talk is important, but I’m all about actions these days. I don’t count myself out of the game yet, but I may be ttc-ing in a new way.

  4. yup, another sara said

    I think you should DEFINITELY get the massage! I need one too– I should get on that!

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