TTC Update

It’s CD2 for me today and I started using my BBT thermometer this morning. The direction said to place the thermometer under tongue. I got 97.6 F. I took it twice and with the same result. For those of you who are using digital thermometer, do you use it under your tongue too? Same time every morning? I hope I used it right.

BBT Charting is a result of my “5 Things in 30 Days” where I had a serious talk with DP yesterday. Not all issues were tackled though. But in the TTC arena, at least I know he still wants to have a baby. We have an agreement to push through with IUI, maybe next year, after the holidays. Christmas season is such a stressful month in the office, so I think it’s a good choice. No Clomid and Pregnyl for me yet. I’d rather take these meds after we visit our doctor next year. I don’t want to self-medicate (too costly!). As I am writing this, my left hand is busy opening the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.

Yup, this cycle, it’s TTC the natural way.



  1. yup, another sara said

    well, I can’t give you any advice about the temp taking, because I always SUCKED at that– big time. But it sounds like you are moving ahead, and that is a good thing– congrats.

  2. K said

    Hey Maricel! I use a cheap digital thermometer that my husband bought at Walmart, I swear that stupid thing is wrong, but I have no idea. I stick it under my tongue, usually on the right side closer to the middle. According to the chart, my temps range from 96.8 to 97 somthing… quite odd. *shurg. I hope it works out for you!

    Have a great week!

  3. honeywine said

    I had the Walmart one as well. I used it under the tongue at the same time every day without getting out of bed. But, I sucked at it too. That’s why I preferred the ovulation predictor test kits. I just bought them in bulk from that site I told you about. That way. I was always right about the timing. I actually wish I still had some. I’m not ttc-ing right now, obviously, but I still like to check that I’m regular.

  4. expectingamiracle said

    Yup, under the tongue, same time every morning. I’ve heard others say you can temp vaginally, and that your temps are more reliable that way.
    If you do end up needing to go the Clomid route, it’s good to be under a doctor. That way they can monitor how you are responding and adjust if needed.
    Best of of luck to you, hopefully the temping will help.

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