Life Sucks

I’ve got 3 posts in my Draft folder and I can’t seem to finish them. Two pertain to my TTC journey and another post on my DP’s sister. To sum it up, can I just say life sucks?

About my 5 Things Update, I haven’t brought Scotch to his vet yet. I had massage a week ago. I started temping but I set it aside when I began using Clearblue Easy fertility monitor. It’s convenient to use but a lot expensive. Used one Pre-Seed in one of our baby dancing sessions. The result? Negative. AF showed yesterday afternoon.

This morning, DP and I had an argument. The usual. What’s the usual, you might ask. Well, it’s about his drinking habits, regular night out with his friends and who knows, bitchy women too. I’m hurting. Really. But I have to be strong. This cycle, no more TTC for me unless issues are ironed out. But at the rate things are going, I don’t think it will ever be.

Life really sucks.



  1. mkwewer said

    I’m sorry you are having such a hard time. Yes, you can say that life sucks. It’s been a crappy year and I am hoping that next year, we can all start new. All I can say is that we have to be hopeful that things will get better, right? It’s hard I know but we have to try. Feel better.

  2. honeywine said

    It is incredibly stressful ttc-ing. Sometimes you have to step back a little and refocus. Hopefully, that’s all it is. If it’s not the stress, then…time to think about your life hon. Man, I hated saying that though. 😦

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