Holiday Blues

I’m sick and tired…December is such a busy month!

I have cough and cold…maybe because of the stress that comes with organizing office parties (this task by the way is under my JD: other tasks that maybe assigned).

I’m on sick leave…mild asthma attack, maybe due to inhaling a lot of second-hand smoke during parties. I don’t normally use my inhaler but this time, it comes in handy.

I’m sad…AF spotting has started to show.

I’m hurt…because DP and I are not ok. We’re not talking at all. Even if he makes advances, I shoo him away.

I give up…maybe 10 years of being together is not enough to make this relationship work.



  1. mkwewer said

    I am sorry that you are sick and have the blues….10 years is a long time to walk away from someone….have you thought about counseling?

  2. honeywine said

    10 years is a very long time. Ttc is extremely stressful. I sure enough know that; my marriage didn’t survive it. But, to spend 10 years with someone, you have to have something deeper. Maybe you just need to take a step back and get your relationship back to good.

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