Tick Tock Tick Tock

My goodness! In 4 months time, I’ll be 37! I’m one person who doesn’t deny her real age. What I’m just worried about is this biological clock that keeps ticking. TTC has taken a back seat and we know for a fact that for every year added to our age, fertility success rate lessens. *sigh*

How are you my dear friends? I’m so sorry I haven’t had the “itch” to write nor read your posts. I’ve lost the enthusiasm. I’ve become indifferent. And then I (re)discovered Facebook. Oh yes, I’ve become addicted to this site playing Fashion Wars, Sorority Life and collecting virtual eggs  at Hatchlings. Since Anna is my only blog friend with Facebook account, she knew what I was going through.

The good thing is…I’m back.



  1. honeywine said

    Ha! You’ll beat me by just a couple of months! I so don’t look forward to it. 😦 I don’t get on Facebook too often. I was a MyYearbook addict for a while there, but it’s a major hook-up scene. heh heh

  2. mkwewer said

    So glad to have you back. I was worried about you! I’m on Facebook too and yes, it’s addictive, you can look me up with my email address….

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