TTC: Just not into it

Would you believe I don’t know what OPK stands for anymore? I’ve been reading TTC blogs this morning and all of a sudden, I found myself thinking so hard about its meaning. That’s a sign I haven’t been “crazy” about TTC I think. You might say it’s so easy to browse it in the net. Well, I thought so too, but I just didn’t want to. I’m just not into it…for now. The least I can do is just to be there, read the blogs of my fellow hopeful wannabe mommies and immerse myself with their  journey and wish baby dusts to come along (my) their way.



  1. honeywine said

    Join the club. That’s all I can do right now too. I’ve already warned Paladin that if we don’t have a kid in the next 2 years, I’m going to start carrying the dog in a baby sling and put him a bassinet to sleep in next to our bed!

  2. Opk is the ovulation prediction kit. I just means the phisical means of testing for ov like the saliva test or the stick you pee on.

    Here are more terms for you:

    Also, you’ll probobly enjoy browing BabyZone’s message boards. It helped me feel less crazy about my thoughts and woes in my TTC journey. I’m still TTC but hopefully not for long!

    • I’m an idot. I miss read your entire post. lol. I’m currently in the stage of still being crazy about ttc. It’ll wear off in year 4 of trying right?

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