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On a two-week wait (2WW)

I’m on a two-week wait.

The wait is killing me…

But not so much during the first time…

You see, my partner and I have been trying to conceive for a while now.

My first IUI was on June 20. Obviously, it wasn’t successful. I was really excited during that 2WW. I was thinking whether I should test or not. Then I bought a home pregnancy test and tested the following morning. It was big fat negative! It was devastating. I cried all day. I didn’t go to work. I never imagined that was how I would react. I made a pact with myself never to test again.

Of course, my partner and I never gave up. So on to another IUI procedure.

When AF showed, on CD4, I went to my doctor. Second IUI was last July 18, a day after I turned 36.

Now, I’m 7 days post IUI.

Really hoping this time, I’ll get pregnant.


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