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Tick Tock, Tick Tock 2

In 17 days, I’ll be 37 years old. Yes, the clock is ticking. I wonder when I will get pregnant. Assisted reproductive technology is out of the question. Even natural conception. I mean, we just babydance whenever we feel like it. And most of the time, we BD when I’m not fertile. Some kind of baby dancing huh?


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Bad Blogger

Add me to the list of bad bloggers. I’ve neglected my site; I haven’t read all your posts. I apologize. I know I need to do some making up. Problem is, tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for another Union CBA seminar, 3 days, out-of-town. So after a month of assisting my sister, brother and mother for their much-needed vacation, still, I can’t go back to my usual blogging. And once I get back from the seminar, I have to attend to my job. Aargh! So many things to do with so little time!

Homefront, well, there’s still War of the Roses for me and my partner. I don’t think TTC will be in our list ofย  priorities right now. First off, his mother had undergone colon surgery and still recuperating in the hospital. Insurance has maxed out and expenses have ballooned to a little over half a million pesos. I would’ve wanted to visit our doctor this month for another round of artificial insemination but heck, I don’t think my partner would be supportive of the idea. I don’t think he will support me financially since his mother needs money for the hospital expenses and medicines. Although I have all the gadgets I need for natural conception (basal thermometer, fertility monitor, Pre-Seed etc), I’m not excited to use them. Since AF stopped, my partner and I have only been baby dancing twice. Sad huh?

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On BD and Orgasm

As I was browsing fertility blogs, I came across this image. “I Love Female Orgasm.” Cool. I love it too. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But most of the time, when BDing (aka baby dancing for others who are not into TTC), I don’t reach the big O. I’m more focused into ensuring that dear partner gives me his precious little spermies while 2 pillows are placed behind my buttocks. Do you experience the same thing?

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Things I’ve Done, Been Doing and Planned to Do While on TTC Break

I’ve been feeling good these past few days. I just want to share some things I’ve done, been doing lately and what I plan to do while on break from TTC. The list is as follows but feel free to add up your ideas. ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Baby dancing every day (whew!);

2. No Clomid to take every night for 5 days and no Pregnyl shot on CD 11;

3. For my low-dose caffeine intake, I’ve been drinking lemon iced tea and regular Coke (but not everyday!) ๐Ÿ™‚

4. I had pedicure (which I get regularly) and got my hair straightened last week (I would’ve wanted to visit the salon a few months ago for this treatment but afraid that the procedure and the chemicals might be bad for TTC).

5. I also had facial and whole body massage last Saturday (both took a backseat since getting into TTC);

6. Planning to visit an acupuncture clinic and have another facial with crystal resurfacing this weekend;

7. Night out with friends (drinking iced tea or pineapple juice only; alcohol is still a no-no!)

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