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A Gift of Life

At the most unexpected time, God has a given us a gift, a very special one indeed.


Yesterday morning, I decided to pee on a home pregnancy test strip. I have a very regular period but for some reason, I was 6 days delayed and my boobs hurt sooo bad! Very unusual indeed.

A pregnancy test is the only way to confirm my suspicion. In 5 seconds, 2 lines appeared! Oh my God! It’s positive! I became teary-eyed, so very happy and so shocked at the same time. Just when I thought that I’ll turn 37 and unpregnant still, came this pleasant surprise.

AimstripSo I went on to see my fertility specialist and showed him my pregnancy test strip. Well, he said I am pregnant. But an ultrasound must be done to confirm it. And it’s confirmed! God is so good!

1st UltrasoundTruth be told, I am not on assisted reproductive technology since August last year. That was the last time I saw my fertility specialist. No Clomid, no Pregnyl, no IUI. In fact, DP and I were having personal issues that our minds are not even set on TTC. So what could I have done that made me pregnant this time? I really don’t know.

I just know that God moves in mysterious ways. He gives us what we’ve always wanted, not in our time, but in His time, and at a time we least expect it.


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TTC Update

It’s CD2 for me today and I started using my BBT thermometer this morning. The direction said to place the thermometer under tongue. I got 97.6 F. I took it twice and with the same result. For those of you who are using digital thermometer, do you use it under your tongue too? Same time every morning? I hope I used it right.

BBT Charting is a result of my “5 Things in 30 Days” where I had a serious talk with DP yesterday. Not all issues were tackled though. But in the TTC arena, at least I know he still wants to have a baby. We have an agreement to push through with IUI, maybe next year, after the holidays. Christmas season is such a stressful month in the office, so I think it’s a good choice. No Clomid and Pregnyl for me yet. I’d rather take these meds after we visit our doctor next year. I don’t want to self-medicate (too costly!). As I am writing this, my left hand is busy opening the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.

Yup, this cycle, it’s TTC the natural way.

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Here Comes AF

She did arrive, last night. 2 days later. I was expecting her on the 31st of August but she didn’t show up. Oh yes, I still hoped I could be pregnant but I know I’m not. Dear partner joked about it too. “You might be pregnant!” Yeah right. When I was still taking Clomid, AF usually arrives on CD 28. Without Clomid, CD 30. Funny how Clomid affects our cycle.

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Things I’ve Done, Been Doing and Planned to Do While on TTC Break

I’ve been feeling good these past few days. I just want to share some things I’ve done, been doing lately and what I plan to do while on break from TTC. The list is as follows but feel free to add up your ideas. 🙂

1. Baby dancing every day (whew!);

2. No Clomid to take every night for 5 days and no Pregnyl shot on CD 11;

3. For my low-dose caffeine intake, I’ve been drinking lemon iced tea and regular Coke (but not everyday!) 🙂

4. I had pedicure (which I get regularly) and got my hair straightened last week (I would’ve wanted to visit the salon a few months ago for this treatment but afraid that the procedure and the chemicals might be bad for TTC).

5. I also had facial and whole body massage last Saturday (both took a backseat since getting into TTC);

6. Planning to visit an acupuncture clinic and have another facial with crystal resurfacing this weekend;

7. Night out with friends (drinking iced tea or pineapple juice only; alcohol is still a no-no!)

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Another Failed IUI

Yes, our 2nd try for IUI failed again. AF showed this morning. I was stunned…speechless…no tears…

But when I told my dear partner about it, the tears started to pour out. It’s like I lost another child. What happened? I had 4 matured follicles before the trigger shot. I took a rest after the procedure. I drank pineapple juice, chilled at home, slept every now and then. Where did I go wrong?

I felt like I’m useless. My dear partner said “I love you. We’ll try again. Maybe it’s not yet time.” I said “I’m sorry.” But then he told me I should not say sorry because it’s not my fault. But I felt like it was my fault.

We went to our doctor this afternoon. He advised us to try again, don’t lose hope, IUIs can be done up to 6 tries, but then again, we have to think about the possibility of IVF also. Where in the world can we get 300-400K pesos (or roughly 9K dollars) for the IVF? The IUI alone is costly for us, how much more is the IVF? It’s like we have no other choice but to accept our fate…

But no, I refuse to give up. Before we reach the maximum tries for IUI, I must get pregnant. So help me God.

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