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A Gift of Life

At the most unexpected time, God has a given us a gift, a very special one indeed.


Yesterday morning, I decided to pee on a home pregnancy test strip. I have a very regular period but for some reason, I was 6 days delayed and my boobs hurt sooo bad! Very unusual indeed.

A pregnancy test is the only way to confirm my suspicion. In 5 seconds, 2 lines appeared! Oh my God! It’s positive! I became teary-eyed, so very happy and so shocked at the same time. Just when I thought that I’ll turn 37 and unpregnant still, came this pleasant surprise.

AimstripSo I went on to see my fertility specialist and showed him my pregnancy test strip. Well, he said I am pregnant. But an ultrasound must be done to confirm it. And it’s confirmed! God is so good!

1st UltrasoundTruth be told, I am not on assisted reproductive technology since August last year. That was the last time I saw my fertility specialist. No Clomid, no Pregnyl, no IUI. In fact, DP and I were having personal issues that our minds are not even set on TTC. So what could I have done that made me pregnant this time? I really don’t know.

I just know that God moves in mysterious ways. He gives us what we’ve always wanted, not in our time, but in His time, and at a time we least expect it.


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14 Days post IUI…Just AF Symptoms

It’s my 14th day post IUI. All I have is AF symptom like having a pimple here…an acne there…My boobs are not even sore or tender! I’m been temping for the past 2 days but the temperature showed it’s normal. Cervical mucus is white and creamy. I don’t know if it’s a pregnancy symptoms. Sorry for thinking like this. Hahaha!!!

No, I’m not thinking of testing. No more HPT for me. The first time I did it, I was devastated when I got a BFN! But I’m praying so hard for AF not to show anymore.

For all others who are trying to conceive, I sure hope we get pregnant this cycle. God willing!

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