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8 days post IUI…so many questions…

I’m on my 8th day post IUI and my mind is full of questions.

When not at work, I’m obsessed with net surfing, researching about any symptoms related to post IUI. Crazy huh? I only had 6 hours of sleep last night and the first thing I did this morning was to open my PC and log in.

I’ve been feeling my breasts and nipples to find they are not sore. 😦 Why are there no symptoms? Does this mean I’m not pregnant again?! What’s even crazier is having 2-3 acne breakouts which are signs of AF coming.

I’m beginning to worry now…


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On a two-week wait (2WW)

I’m on a two-week wait.

The wait is killing me…

But not so much during the first time…

You see, my partner and I have been trying to conceive for a while now.

My first IUI was on June 20. Obviously, it wasn’t successful. I was really excited during that 2WW. I was thinking whether I should test or not. Then I bought a home pregnancy test and tested the following morning. It was big fat negative! It was devastating. I cried all day. I didn’t go to work. I never imagined that was how I would react. I made a pact with myself never to test again.

Of course, my partner and I never gave up. So on to another IUI procedure.

When AF showed, on CD4, I went to my doctor. Second IUI was last July 18, a day after I turned 36.

Now, I’m 7 days post IUI.

Really hoping this time, I’ll get pregnant.

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