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Some Motherly Stuff

It’s almost 5 am here and I find myself very, very pissed off with my DP (dear partner). No, I’m lying. I’m actually pissed off with him and his mother. Oh my! Her mother is diagnosed with colon cancer and here I am, a very, very bad in-law (to be).

You see, DP is off to work early in the morning for a taping (have I told you he works for TV also?) I barely slept last night only to wake up an hour or so before his wake up time to prepare the usual stuff:  his early morning breakfast, warm bath and the likes. Then his mother called.

Our landline has a caller ID so I know it’s her. I felt this pang of jealousy because her call meant that she’s waking up her son. My goodness! I just detest his mother doing her “motherly” stuff. I mean, her son is  living with me. Let me do my stuff! And hello, her son is already 35 years old! Let him grow! He’s already living with me so it’s about time she let go. I’m already here! Plus, it was 3am when she called, she’s sick so she should just take a rest right?

This is the problem with Filipino mothers, if you call this a problem. But I think it is. Filipino women, particularly mothers, are known as hands-on, they rule the households albeit indirectly and very loving  BUT TO A FAULT. Even if their sons are already in their 30s, Filipino men remain MAMA’S BOYS. I mean, it’s one thing to be a mother but how can you make your son grow up  if you keep on treating them as if they’re 10 year olds? Don’t they know when to back off? And you know what? She called again to check if her son is all set. Oh my…AM I BAD? AM I BITCHY?

I’ve been going out with DP for a decade. Having witnessed his mother’s “loving nature,” I told myself, if and when I get to have a son of my own, I will definitely let him grow up and will back off when he finds himself his own girlfriend, partner or wife. I know some of you might not agree with me but heck, experience is the best teacher right?


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Life Sucks

I’ve got 3 posts in my Draft folder and I can’t seem to finish them. Two pertain to my TTC journey and another post on my DP’s sister. To sum it up, can I just say life sucks?

About my 5 Things Update, I haven’t brought Scotch to his vet yet. I had massage a week ago. I started temping but I set it aside when I began using Clearblue Easy fertility monitor. It’s convenient to use but a lot expensive. Used one Pre-Seed in one of our baby dancing sessions. The result? Negative. AF showed yesterday afternoon.

This morning, DP and I had an argument. The usual. What’s the usual, you might ask. Well, it’s about his drinking habits, regular night out with his friends and who knows, bitchy women too. I’m hurting. Really. But I have to be strong. This cycle, no more TTC for me unless issues are ironed out. But at the rate things are going, I don’t think it will ever be.

Life really sucks.

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